Monday, October 22, 2012

Cliff Facades and Dragon Shadows

Question:   What three things do Indiana Jones and the Revelation Movie have in common?

1)  The Ark of the Covenant
2)  Gruesome bugs
3)  Petra

It is in fact the last one, Petra, that has the CPUs of our 3D graphics render farm cranking overtime, as we at Royal Crown Productions prepare the polishing touches on the Revelation teaser trailer, to be released to the world on November 1st.

The setup:   Revelation Chapter 12, which depicts a woman in heaven, "...clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars".  

Some say she represents  the nation of Israel, others say the church....   (you'll have to wait until January of 2014 to get our take on it, syllabus to be posted soon!). 

She is  confronted in a most terrifying manner by a great red, seven headed dragon -  none other than the devil himself.  The woman flees to the wilderness, where she is taken care of for three and a half years. 

The dragon is cast out of heaven and goes to pursue the woman and attempts to overtake her in the wilderness, but.....

Oh yeah, we don't get into the rest of the story until January of 2014.  Nevertheless, you sure will get a sneak peek in our upcoming trailer, because how could we resist but include a scene of Petra?

Petra in Jordan is a fascinating ancient Nabatean city, built into the sides of cliff faces and hidden gorges.  Many Bible scholars speculate that the wilderness the woman is supposed to flee to is, in fact, Petra.  Whether or not that is the case, is a subject for our study later on.  But either way,  it makes for great cinematics, and thus we render away.

The scene?    We will swoop in on Petra from the air, the dragon's point of view.  Lit from behind by a late afternoon sun, his shadow casts a pall over the rock face as he swoops in towards a fleeing woman, ready for the kill......

If it reminds you a bit of Sigourney Weaver fleeing the Alien, you get our drift.  Epic motion pictures deserve epic creature-chasing-women scenes. 

Come be a part of the action!  Stop by, bring your family, friends, a Bible, a notepad, and lots and lots of popcorn.

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